E-books, e-readers ... shall I join the fray?

  • Sunday, November 20, 2011

Check this infographic out. I've been a pretty staunch traditional reader, but all those free e-books! Plus the technology has been improving so quickly (Come on, admit that you've drooled over those gadgets in an afternoon at the Apple Store! :) ) that I am considering that an e-reader isn't half bad. Neither does this poll:

Check on the popularity of electronic reading devices such as Kindle, iPad and Nook in today's GoFigure infographic.


  1. I've had the same debate with the e-reader vs. traditional reading. but I just wonder how awkward it is to hold a single tablet over the way one holds a book. perhaps if i also bought a cover then it'll open the way a book opens?

  2. hi aspen - so you bought an e-reader? :) there is still something to be said about the tactile experience of traditional book reading!


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