#BookmarkMonday 65: You are here

If you use Google Maps a lot, then you know what that little sign means. So why not use for navigating your current read? Smart, don't you think?  

Welcome to #BookmarkMonday! Sure, we all love our books ... but did you stop to think about your bookmark? Share a photo of your favourite bookmarks, say a little something, and link up below!

The linky goes up weekly. You can get the inlinkz here if you want to embed in your own page.
Did you know? The history of bookmarks is intimately connected with the development of the book itself. Though the earliest bookmarks date from the medieaval ages, it is obvious that even in ancient times - when papyrus scrolls were the reading matter of choice - bookmarks must have been used to mark a reader's place on the scrolls that could be 40 meters or more in length {Via}.
Happy #BookmarkMonday!

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