Give me bookish wallpaper anytime!

  • Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Tis the season for little home projects! How about wallpapering a wall (or two) with some of these bookish wallpapers. This one with stacked old paperbacks by Anthropologie is sorely tempting. 

Two more wallpapers for bibliophiles after the jump!

Detail of Anthropologie 's bookish wallpaper. I really like this because the titles are obvious. I'd probably just stare at the wall and start checking off those I've read. Geeky much?

Did you just gasp? I did when I first saw this Penguin Library wallpaper by Osbourne and Little. 

If you're not a hue fan of the obvious title, Andrew Martin has an entire line of artsy library-themed wallpaper you can use in the obvious spaces ... 

... and the most unlikely of places!


  1. That Penguin one would be so cool as a feature wall!

  2. Love it, but the ones with the titles written too clearly would be far too distracting for me too, so I'd go for the artsy variety.

  3. I love books, but if not done with the right taste it could be slightly tacky.


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