#BookmarkMonday: The Sci-Fi Edition (2) #RRSciFiMonth

Welcome to Week 41 of #BookmarkMonday, the 2013 Edition. This is the second post of four in celebration of Sci-Fi Week which is hosted by Rinn Reads.

This week, I am featuring a round-up of some space-themed bookmarks. Aliens, space ships, stars, other planets ... it's just waiting for us!

Let's star off with these book invaders by Popupology! The pop open when you open your book!

More after the jump!

This space bookmark set by Sengai looks so good as a set that it's a pity to have to split it up!

Love these gorgeous space scenes in glass by Holy Mackerel Studios.

A touch of retro, homey and handmade in this button-down astronaut by JoonE. Err, buttons in space?

And since we're on the subject of retro, I had to stick in this post these Space Invaders by Cheeky Geeky!

And lastly, a space owl by SusanVille! (probably called Doctor Hoo heehee, sorry I couldn't resist!)

That's it for this week ... stay tuned for next week's edition!

Got a sci-fi bookmark you want to share, whether your own, or something you'd love to have? Snap a photo and link up below. #BookmarkMonday is also on Pinterest! If you'd like to get an invite, shoot me an email at readerrabbit22 at gmail.com.


  1. So cute! I love the space invaders paper clip and the Sengai ones the best.

  2. Eeep, they're all so cute! I love the space invaders one. And I definitely need that last one for my owl collection... =D

  3. Nice selection of bookmarks. Sorry, I wasn't able to post any this week.


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