November is Sci-Fi Month!

Woooo! Sci-Fi Month, here we come!

Rinn Reads has cooked up a wonderful way to bring attention to the sci-fi genre. Readers, bloggers, come and get your fill of all things sci-fi: check out the full, amazing schedule right HERE.

Now, without further ado, here's my intro post:

1. Tell us a little about yourself.
Reader turned book blogger serendipitously. Been blogging for a years, on and off. Will read anything, yes, anything, try me. Oh, I may balk at anything horror though ... I hate being scared (in a watch a scary movie through your fingers sort of way).

I am obsessed with anything handmade, handwoven, and organic ... things with a story. I also like cute quirky things (kawaii!).

I enjoy travel (I really should do more of it), and a huge part of traveling is the food ... I am a foodie at heart (my foray into blogging began with food blogging; I have eaten bugs, frogs, strange-looking fruit, among others.) Anyway ... I am starting to get hungry, so shall we move on?

2. How long have you been a fan of sci fi?
Hmmm. I don't know if I'm a "fan" but I do enjoy an occasional sci-fi read. Oh wait. My foggy ol' brain reminds me I was into Michael Crichton for years right out of uni. That started me off! I still consider myself a newbie to the sci-fi genre though, and I'm hoping that this month will set me off to try some new authors.

3. Why do you like sci-fi, and what is your favourite thing about it?
The fact there are no boundaries ... the world, despite our current knowledge about it, remains open to so many possibilities. The sci-fi genre can explore all angles, propose new ways of looking at things, challenge the status quo ... I think it's exciting!

4. Favourite books/games/films/TV shows in the genre?
I mentioned Michael Crichton already. I also need to mention Margaret Atwood because her novels The Handmaid's Tale and Oryx and Crake really made an impression on me.

Favourite games, movies and TV shows? Sorry, but the most memorable movie that waited in anticipation to watch was Contact because I was such a Crichton fan! I wish I could say I was a Star Trek or Star Wars fan, but those weren't really my thing when they were all the rage.

5. What are your plans for Sci-Fi Month?
I'll be continuing my regular Monday feature #BookmarkMonday -- with a sci-fi twist, of course. I hope you can join in the fun! Go look if you have an sci-fi'y bookmarks, snap a photo ... and share with the group! Or if you don't have any, go look for some that you'd love to have!

I'll also have some occasional posts about my past sci-fi reads, and then some.

Mostly I look forward to trolling around the participating blogs, commenting and reading up on recommendations (and adding on to an already out-of-hand TBR).

I am pumped. Are you?

Thank, Rinn, for all the hard work and this fantastic idea! Let the sci-fi reading begin!


  1. Oh gosh I admire your food related bravery! I could not stomach to even try any of those things! =o

    Michael Crichton is great, Jurassic Park is one of my favourites. Haven't read any Margaret Attwood, but I plan to! Although I didn't get along with The Handmaid's Tale...

    Looking forward to your posts =D

    1. Funny how i can eat a bug but will quake in my boots at having read Amityville Horror hahahaha :)

      I'm not sure how many Crichton's I've read (a good majority of them, I'm sure). Handmaid's Tale was one of those "wow" books for me because I had never read anything remotely like it. It was a bit shocking, honestly :)

  2. Great intro Aloi! Looking forward to your sci-fi posts this month =D

    I read a few Michael Crichton titles when I was in high school (The Sphere, as I recall, was an interesting novel). I have yet to read The Handmaid's Tale (still! *is a bad Canadian*) but Atwood writes on a lot of interesting ideas =)

    1. Hahahaha ... Sphere was fascinating to me when I read it. I think I liked Contact a bit more though. Of course Jurassic Park was probably the highlight for me. I read The Handmaid's Tale even before I stepped foot in Canada and it got me started with her work.

  3. I'm looking forward to your Sci-Fi month posts and I also have you to thank for telling me about this event. I'm glad that I was able to become a part of it too.

    1. When someone mentions Doctor Who, both you and RInn pop up immediately in the book blogging community :) So glad you joined in!


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