Happy International Women's Day: Non-Fiction Round Up

  • Saturday, March 08, 2014

The celebration continues, now with some non-fiction reads. Happy International Women's Day!

Top row, L-R:
Middle row, L-R:
  • Mountainfit by Meera Lee Sethi - essays that capture the sheer wonder of discovery of the natural world, out on the slopes of Sweden
    • The Beauty Experiment by Phoebe Baker Hyde - a memoir of stripping oneself of all the trappings of womanhood, from cosmetics to clothing. Could you do it?
    • Etched in Sand by Regina Calcaterra - heartbreaking but fiercely hopeful memoir of a childhood of abuse and neglect
    Bottom row, L-R:


    1. Nice to feature nonfiction.I have two of the books and have not yet finished them! Enjoy!
      Book Dilettante

      1. I admit, some of these I've read a while back. Out of curiosity, which ones are you still reading, Harvee?

    2. I'm in the middle of 'Bel Canto' - and I've been hearing a lot of good things about 'The Story of a Happy Marriage'. I'm also desperate to read 'Persepolis'.

      Thanks for linking up with Spread the Love!


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