Mini #Bloggiesta Time! Tag time!

Need some inspiration? Get inspired by fellow book bloggers cleaning up their blogs and their to-do lists... you're not alone. June is a perfect time for a mini-Bloggiesta. Check out this link if you want to sign up!

I've already got a running list so feel free to check out my Masterlist.

My Goals for Mini Bloggiesta

As always, I like to set very clear goals for Bloggiesta ... so I don't feel like a total loser after the weekend.

I'll go through my Masterlist and knock as much of the general housekeeping items off.

However, there is one niggling thing that keeps popping up on my list and I don't think I've ever made much headway ... can you guess what it is?

Tags or Labels or Categories

Whatever it's called, it's enough to fill me with dread. Is it the sheer immensity of the job? Or is it because I can't figure out how to focus focus focus?

My goal: decide what categories I want to use. I don't expect to finish cleaning everything up but if I make the crucial decisions, I'm happy.

I've got a few awesome resources already. I'm linking them up for those who may want to think about doing their own blog tag/category cleaning. I may also add on to this list if I come across anything useful. As you can see, I am stressing out even more because so much has been written about it. Time to make decisions, people! :)

Amy Lynn Andrews: The difference between categories and tags
Book Bumblings: Categories vs. tags
Book Bumblings: Clean up your post tags
Elembee: Clean up your categories

Remember: good luck, have fun, and be kind to yourself!

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