#Friday56 & #BookBeginnings: The Summer of France

The quiet of the house mocked me as I rummaged through the Sunday paper looking for the travel pages.
- p. 4

 For Friday 56:  
The man at the boulangerie knew who I was now. Well, he knew what I came for.
- p. 56

About The Summer of France by Paulita Kincer: When Fia Jennings loses her job at the local newspaper, she thinks she'll have the chance to bond with her teenage twins. As she realizes she may be too late to create the perfect family, she's saved by a phone call from her great Uncle Martin who runs a bed and breakfast in Provence. Uncle Martin wants Fia to venture to France to run the B&B so he and his wife Lucie can travel. He doesn't tell Fia about the secret he hid in the house when he married Lucie after fighting in World War II, and he doesn't mention the people who are tapping his phone and following him, hoping to find the secret.

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