Raghava KK says Shake up your story: #TEDTalks every book blogger should watch

I track down TED Talks that would be of special interest to the book blogging community ... and they become a jumping board for personal musings, including yours!

Did you ever think that children's books have an agenda? In this talk entitled Shake Up Your Story, children's book author Raghava KK shares, based on his own experiences, how he decided to create his own agenda in his iPad children's book. He stresses getting rid of bias and encouraging creativity and hence empathy in our children.

This talk is less than 5 minutes with gorgeous illustrations, and is pretty funny. Those who have young kids, love their technology, or have an appreciation for diversity and how it plays itself out in our lives will get a kick out of this!

"Cover" of Pop-It, Raghava KK's iPad book

What are your takeaways from this talk?

Raghava KK's website
Pop-It on iTunes

(I am not affiliated in any way with TED Talks. Photo for header: unsplash, TED logo from ted.com)

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