#AusteninAugustRBR and #TEDTalks every book blogger should watch

I track down TED Talks that would be of special interest to the book blogging community ... and they become a jumping board for personal musings, including yours!

Austen figures quite prominently in TED Talks too. Here are some links that celebrate Jane Austen:

TED Talks to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Pride and Prejudice - a blog with links to five TED Talks where speakers have mentioned Jane Austen, ranges from atheism to film to Darwinian Theory and a few more.

The top 10 classic fears in literature - a blog and a TED Talk - can you guess which classic fear Austen's Pride and Prejudice illustrates extremely well?

Hannah Fry - The Mathematics of Love - when one talks about love, even a mathematician's take on it, Jane Austen will eventually wheedle her way in ...

Which of these links are you going to click? I'd love to hear what talk you enjoyed the most!

(I am not affiliated in any way with TED Talks. Photo for header: unsplash, TED logo from ted.com)

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