#AMonthofFaves: My Reading Year (so far!)

So I am a day late. Forgive me, life happens! I really enjoyed last year's A Month of Faves and decided that it's a great way to sum up what's been happening over the past year on Guiltless Reading.

This event is hosted by GirlXOXO, Traveling with T and Estella's Revenge. Check out the full sked here.

Tue. | Dec. 1 – #AMonthofFaves {My Reading Year} – eg. Number of books read so far, genre you read the most from, picture of favorite (or most often used) reading location, most read author, % eBooks, hardcovers, paperbacks and/or audiobooks, hint at what your favorite read of the year is (let us guess), types of books you wish you read more of, month you read the most and least)

Ooooh, so many questions! I used Goodreads to get the stats, oh but of course!

Number of books read so far 
28, not bad because I was going for just 25 this year and I am in the middle of two books right now, so this number is definitely at least 30 for the year.

Genre you read the most from Overall, it's fiction. I only read only 3 nonfiction books:

I read 3 books that were short story collections which I guess makes it my most read genre. I loved all three and have a hard time saying which collection is my fave:

Picture of favorite (or most often used) reading location
Sorry, I'm shy. But it's definitely in bed!

Most read author (for this year only!)
This year it was George RR Martin because I read book 1 and book 2 of A Song of Ice and Fire.

% eBooks, hardcovers, paperbacks and/or audiobooks
Meh, can't be bothered. Zero ebooks and zero audiobooks, that much I know!

Hint at what your favorite read of the year is (let us guess)
Eeep. I can't decide as it's a toss up between 3 titles: one blue-covered book read early in the year, a short story collection in orange, and an award-winning book. If you can guess all 3 titles, I will sweep your floors for life. Haha!  (or maybe not)

Types of books you wish you
Definitely foodie books.

Month you read the most and least
It's pretty even across the year with 1-3 books a month.

I'll get to the other questions when I have a chance. Even with a few books read this year, I am finding that deciding what my faves are is pretty challenging!

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