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  • Sunday, January 25, 2009

Full list of author guest posts on Guiltless Reading are HERE.
Listing of all giveaways HERE.

I welcome and accept guest posts from authors.

I do not accept compensation for hosting authors.

Oftentimes, I accept a book for review and find it interesting or intriguing that I directly invite the author to guest post on Guiltless Reading.

1. I need to be interested in the book in order to accept a guest post from the author. So if I don't express interest in the book it is unlikely I will want a guest post.
2. Please check out examples of some past guest posts HERE.
3. Sorry, I don't do author interviews! However, I accept guest posts in a Q&A format.
4. I retain the right to reject a guest post if I find it poorly written, dislike it or find it offensive.
5. I retain the right to schedule a guest post as my schedule allows.

Guidelines for writing a guest post for Guiltless Reading 

1. The guest post must be the author's original content.
2. The guest post must be unique for this blog i.e., not replicated on any other blogs or elsewhere.
3. Please write for a reading audience, think of potential readers of your book -- while posts directed to both readers and authors are acceptable, this blog is directed largely to fellow bibliophiles like myself.
4. This may seem like common sense, but please ensure there is some logical connection between the topic of your guest post to your book.
5. Ideally, break up your text with catchy sub-headings or some interesting photos.

Book Giveaways 

Thinking of holding a book giveaway with your guest post? Book giveaways are an easy and fun way of drumming up excitement about a book. I usually promote giveaways through Twitter, Facebook and Goodreads.

1. Remember that you are responsible for mailing out the book/s to the winner/s and ensuring that they receive their prize/s.

2. I have found that the best combination prizes are those that involve a paper copy and an e-book, allowing more people to join in. Remember that some people do not have e-readers, and there remains a preference for paper copies among a great number of readers.

3. Please let me know the following:
- What format you're giving away (paperback, hardcover, e-book, combination)
- Number of copies
- Scope of giveaway (international, US / Can, etc.)

Submitting a Guest Post

Did I say aye? Ready to pull something together? When submitting a guest post, here is what I need from you:

1. Your guest post in a Word document.

- Length: Ideally, 600 words. Please, no longer than 1000 words.
- Make sure you have a catchy title for your post!
2. Book synopsis and cover (in a separate .jpg file please) 

3. Info about you, the author. 

- A short author bio
- Optional: A headshot in .jpg format
- Author website and social media links (if any)
4. If you are sending photos, send them as separate .jpg files with caption and credits.

5. Holding a giveaway? Ensure you have the info I asked above.

6. Send me everything, all together please in one email, to readerrabbit22 at Send to me at least one week before our agreed upon date for the guest post so that I have ample time to format and get back to you should there be anything missing.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Updated: February 17, 2014 

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