Filipino Friday: High hopes for Filipino Reader Conference

We're on the last leg of Filipino Friday, the first ever Filipino Reader Conference is finally happening on September 14! Can you say "yay!" and do the *happy dance* with me?!

I am secretly hoping that this meme continues, as it really has done a great job of rounding up Filipino book bloggers (and book-loving lurkers), and with that I segue into this week's question:

Q: What do you hope will happen in the Filipino ReaderCon? What are you expecting from the event?

I admit, I am over the moon that an event like this has come to fruition. Kudos to those who cooked it up, and to those who moved this forward from concept to reality.

Though I can't be there for the actual event, know that I support it! I have high hopes! Hopefully it goes towards building a stronger book-loving community in the Philippines through networking, more literacy activities, and more cool events (on a more regular basis) like this conference! Then we can get out kids reading, more libraries set up, and greater support for anything reading and literacy related.

Ok, ok, baby steps. But I can dream about going back to the Philippines and getting my library card there too, right? I look forward to hearing more about how ReaderCon goes!

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