#30Authors + #Giveaway: Author Stacy M. Robinson on Three Rivers by Tiffany Quay Tyson

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It's finally rolled around and I am hosting Stacy Robinson who is sharing her review of some good ol' Southern literature. PLUS there are two giveaways at the end, so don't forget to join in for a chance to win some great books. Welcome Stacy, it's great to have you for #30Authors!

Author Stacy M. Robinson on Three Rivers by Tiffany Quay Tyson

I’m a traveler, a lover of foreign lands and cultures. Always have been. But with the release of my debut novel earlier this year and the manuscript for my second book due, my perpetual wanderlust has had to take a physical timeout. So when the hankering for a change of scenery bubbled up most recently (as hankerings are inclined to do in the face of deadlines), I turned to Tiffany Quay Tyson’s Three Rivers for a literary journey into the Mississippi Delta – a region that’s been called “the most southern place on earth.” As a Denver girl by way of LA, the south has always held a mysterious and exotic allure for me, and Three Rivers serves up all the eccentricities, lushness, despair and magic of this storied and very foreign land with dazzling authenticity.

Set in the fictional town of White Forest, Mississippi, Three Rivers is the tale of a trio of characters whose lives intersect at the height of a cataclysmic flood. Told in the alternating voices of Melody, a brash, disillusioned, hot mess of a singer on tour with a sad Christian pop band; Geneva, her unhinged “seeker” mother who harbors dark secrets and has abandoned her husband as he lays dying at the ramshackle family farm; and Obi, a young father who is dissatisfied with life in the “square, squat concrete boxes” of the city, and escapes with his son to live on the river.

When Melody is called home to care for her father and brain-damaged brother (whose infirmity comes as the result of a darkly humorous baptism gone wrong), we begin to learn of the choices and tragedies that have also set Geneva and Obi on a path that will forever alter their lives. These drifting, deeply flawed individuals make one poor decision after another, but amidst the chaos of their worlds and the chaos that nature is unleashing around them, we see that they are profoundly human in their struggles and hope for something better.

The story’s pace is quick as the rush of the water, but it is the setting that truly stirs. With lyrical, mystically infused prose, Tyson brings the Delta vividly alive. The rich, fecund soil, the musky humidity and tumbledown landscape, the smell of the river – they are all palpable as the floodwaters reach their treacherous peak and the inhabitants of Three Rivers are swept toward…redemption, possibility, hope?

At its heart, Three Rivers is an exploration of family bonds – those we are born into and those we create out of necessity, and the capriciousness of life. It’s a tale beautifully told, and a haunting debut. So do yourself a favor and take your own back roads journey into the Delta – it’s one compelling armchair trip.

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About Stacy Robinson

Stacy Robinson is the author of the novel SURFACE (Kensington Books). She grew up in Los Angeles and earned a BA degree in International Relations from Stanford University. Presently she lives in Denver, where she serves on the Executive Board of the Children’s Diabetes Foundation and is a member of the Lighthouse Writers Workshop.

To learn more about SURFACE and Stacy, please visit her at http://stacyrobinsonbooks.com

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There are two giveaways here! Yay!
Surface is open US/Can. The HUGE giveaway is open US only.

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