Yummy Harry Potter cakes

I realized that like me, many have made Harry Potter very much a part of their lives. You can check out all my Harry Potter related posts here.

Over at Cake Wrecks, I was blown away by the creativity and love put into each edible Harry Potter themed cake (or cupcake!). I'd prefer any of these over Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans!

Check out some of my favourites below, and after the jump. (Thanks Kathy, for the lead! It made my day!)
A magical object? Your house colours? Take your pick!

Hagrid fan? Im betting this cute version of him will make you love him even more.

But wait, can't have Hagrid without his hut can we?

Incredible detail of the Hogwarts Express!

I am waiting for the sorting hat to say something. 
And check out the Hogwarts Express art on the cake itself!

Quidditch more your style? Looky here!

... don't forget your golden snitch, or three, as yummy chocolate truffles!

Original links here and here.


  1. :o Omg, I absolutely love that! So awesome treats. I'm not sure I could eat them though! Lol!

  2. They all look so good! They do look too good to eat, but I think I could manage it if they tasted half as good as they looked!

  3. You're welcome Aloi! I just thought of you and your blog when I came across these delights. Thank you too for the special mention :)

  4. Lovely!!!!

    These would be great for my next Harry Potter party (date unknown)

  5. hey folks - i think they look as good as they taste :)

    @ blooey - take photos :) and i am betting it is sooner than later ...


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