5 author tweets that made my day

  • Monday, July 27, 2015

In my many years of reading, book blogging, and being in the book blogging community, it certainly gives me a thrill when an author takes the time to say thank you for a review, for taking part in their book tour. I've never charged (and never will) for a book review. Who truly believes a paid book review anyway?

The author is no longer that elusive being. The digital age (ok, here it's Twitter) has broken down the barrier between reader and author. I loved the book, I say thanks on Twitter. Or a random author decides to reach out. Ah, the deities throw me crumbs, I gather 'em up!

A book would be nothing without a reader. A reader would be nothing without a great book. Strangely symbiotic, isn't it?

I've had numerous author comments on the blog and lovely emails I can't delete. But just for fun, here are a few tweets and conversations I've had with authors. You can go check out the books attached to their authors too.

 The Isolation Door by Anish Majumdar (review / Q&A)
A Work in Progress by Brad Cotton
or read the Guest Post

How about you? Do you like interacting with authors? Do you email them, or send them tweets when you loved their book?

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