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  • Monday, January 11, 2010

Ok, so ... I've moved over to a new city (new continent!). And a new blog. And I've fallen out of the book-reading circle somewhat with my long hiatus. Time to start again.

I haven't quite figured out my prizes at the moment. But I am sure that I'd love to give away my Bookmooch points because I'm not much of a moocher these days because of the wonderful world of public libraries! (Note: I may add prizes along the way, so be on the lookout!)

My goal: To get 50 followers by February 28, 2010. This is more than a month away, so I figure that one follower a day should do it.

What you need to do: Follow me! Sign up as a follower of my blog on Google Friend Connect (see that "follow" thingy on my sidebar at the very top?). Then leave me a comment on this post with your number of entries.

Signing up means 1 entry. Score extra entries by:
Good luck everyone! And here's to more books, reading, mooching and more reading!


  1. Here me! Here me! Congrats on your move to a new blog, Aloi. Here's to more fun posts.

  2. Hey, aloi! I like the new blog! Anywho, I don't know if you know this already but if you don't, just wanted to give you a heads-up that the link on your old blog to your new blog doesn't work. That might give your old readers a hard time following you to your new digs!

    Following you on Twitter as we speak... :)

  3. @rise Thank you :) Hope it's not overly girly for you heehee!
    @ jspeyton Thanks for heads up. I fixed up the link.

    adding you both to my blogroll ...!

  4. Well, I don't do Bookmooch, so there's no need to enter me for this one. But if you decide you want to have another sort of giveaway, well.. I'll definitely be interested. =)

  5. Just followed you :)

    +1: tweeted:

  6. @heather no, thanks for coming by! and the site it looking pretty good, isn't it?

    @michelle will figure some something out. only have 7 followers so far. pretty slow!

    @ruby thanks for popping by!

  7. hi aloi! followed you na. i'll also add you to my list of links if that's okay. :)

  8. @marie! hola! kamusta? of course, following you now ...

  9. I would have done this even without prizes and points. I have added you to my blogroll weeks ago. I don't know why I forgot to follow you then. But I have clicked on Friend Connect, followed you on Twitter using 2 accounts (gevoux and grammarpulis) and tweeted about you using gevoux.

    You figure out the points, because I'm not very good at math. ;)

  10. Hello, read about this at shelfari's bookmooch group! i'm already a follower ^_^

    more posts, blogs and contests to come!

  11. Hi Welski, great, thanks for following! Spread the news, less than a month left :)

  12. Hello! I am a Follower and also tweeted about it after following you on twitter. My Username is Bobbie Sea. I am a very, very new blogger and found your blog while researching:) I don't even have a review up yet, lol! But I will soon. It is very hard to start a blog. Anyway that is probably way more then you cared to here. I believe this gives me two points. Have a fabulous day and happy reading!!


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