Book blogger hop this summery day!

Book Blogger Hop

Friday passed once again, and the HOP is on! If you haven't already, you've got to join the party! Search book bloggers galore - over 300 links a week. Just click on the logo above and hop to it!

This week, Jennifer of Crazy for Books asks:
"Who is your favorite new-to-you author so far this year?"

Hmm. Toughie. Suzanne Collins (if you've never heard of Hunger Games, where have you been hiding?), Marina Lewyca (I enjoyed A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian), Mark Haddon (The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time and A Spot of Bother). Please stop me before I ramble!

And here are some of my new book blogger discoveries, thanks to people popping over and commenting:
  • Supernaturalsnark: I don't think Jenny's that snarky, in fact her blog looks downright sweet. She does love the supernatural reading though - paranormal romances and urban fantasy. I'll have to try some of your favourites!
  • Welcome to Larissa's Bookish Life: Larissa's blog is chock-full of goodies and giveaways! What a kickass template! Go visit her and be among her 950+ followers! Wow!
  • The Literary Gato: Bonnie, my cat-loving friend, who seems to read a lot of chick lit, historical fiction .. just like me!
Hope you have a great long weekend!


  1. I really liked The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time when I read it. Actually ended up teaching it to some of my college students. I couldn't get into A Spot of Bother, though. I have no idea what the problem was, but it just didn't work for me.

    Found you via the Hop! Happy Saturday!

  2. Thanks for coming by and seeing me at Becks Book Picks! I look forward to reading more from ya!


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