Book Blogger Hop: judging a book by its cover

Book Blogger HopI am unfashionably late for this week's Book Blogger Hop, but two posts in a day feels a little indulgent, so hey, cut me some slack!

Plus this transition into Fall-like weather is a bit of a bummer. I thought that summer would last a little longer because it came late. Oh well.

Anyway, this week's question is an interesting one: Do you judge a book by its cover?

I admit it. I love pretty covers. Or unusual ones. Or at least interesting ones. In fact I will collect a series of books because of its covers.

For example, I am trying (very hard and at great cost) to pull together my Gabriel Garcia Marquez's in this edition by Vintage. I'm not very successful as I only two copies so far! (Try comparing it to the other editions, which hold their own, but just don't have the same touch of whimsy).
Of Love and Other Demons (Vintage International)Love in the Time of Cholera (Oprah's Book Club) (Paperback)Strange Pilgrims

But judging a book by its cover alone? No, I won't not read a book just because its cover is ugly. In fact I have read some pretty ugly looking books and just loved them. But if I know and like a particular author, even ugly-looking editions work for me. Or if I've heard great things about a book and the cover is unappealing, I can look past it.

On the flip side, yes, I may become partial to reading a book because it's pretty. If I'm browsing the library shelves or actually buying a book, I admit that some covers will jump out to me. Depending on my mood at the time, I may actually walk out with that book under my arm. 

So, what about you?


  1. Hopping by on the BLOG HOP. I agree a beautiful cover will not make or break a book for me but it will grab my attention to see what it is all about.

    Have a wonderful Sunday.

  2. Cute blog! I look forward to your many reviews and if you have them: GIVEAWAYS! :D

    Stopping by from the hop. If you care to follow me back then I would greatly appreciate it.

    Ashley's Bookshelf

  3. Found you via the hop, I'm a new follower!

  4. First-time visitor.

    I do pick up a book because of its cover...not necessarily buy it, but it does make me pick it up and check it out.

    Hopping by.

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  5. thanks for coming by! will be paying each of you a visit :)


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