Happy 200th birthday, Charles Dickens!

  • Tuesday, February 07, 2012

It's Charles Dicken's 200th birthday and worldwide, celebrations are in progress! Don't forget to Check out the website Dickens2012 as we celebrate the whole year round. And be sure to get at least one of Dickens's book into your TBR.

And here are few more interesting things I found:
The Google doodle for today! Check it out before it disappears!

More Dickens stuff after the jump, including sweets and booze!

 Celebrate with some candy from the Charles Dickens Collection by ConfoundConfect. Take your pick from Miss Havisham's Bride-Cake (buttercream, apricot, almond), Mrs. Cratchit's Christmas Pudding (fruits, nuts, brandy, spices) Mr. Chillip's Sherry Negus (sherry, lemon, nutmeg)!

Check out your profile on the other side of tartx's awesome Charles Dickens mirror!

How about your own handcrafted Charles Dickens doll by UneekDollDesigns?

Charles Dickens inventing Christmas? :P

 A portrait by Mark Redfield.

The Royal couple Prince Charles and Camilla visit Charles Dickens's grave at Westminster Abbey. And Ralph Fiennes reads some Dickens!

Raise your Scrooge shotglass in a cheer to Dickens - bah, humbug!


  1. oh wonderful things all!!
    i really loved the google doodle today..

  2. me too! and i didn't realize there was so much dickens "stuff" out there ready for the picking!


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