Much Love Monday: free books!

Giraffe lovers

I missed last week's Much Love Monday, so this week I am back with a vengeance! The past week has been busy but productive ... and it seems that I'm on a bit of a roll. 

This week, I really need to rave about ...

Book giveaways! The library is an awesome resource already, so getting good reading material in the mail from publishers and authors ...  it's like Christmas everyday! I feel like a kid in a candy store ... so many books to choose from!

I've lurked at GoodReads' First Reads and I've won a few there. More recently, I've also been contacted by publishers and even the authors themselves. I think it's great fun of promoting small publishing houses and lesser known authors. It's also an awesome way of challenging myself to read material I otherwise would not think of reading.

Recently, I was offered to host a giveaway. It's equally fun to be on the giving end of things! Check out my e-book giveaway of Mary Pauline Lowry's The Earthquake Machine.
The list is growing. Here are just a few books I've received and reviewed so far:
Do you join giveaways? What cool stuff have you won?

What are you loving?


  1. What an inspiring post! It's so beautiful to read of people who are cultivating what they enjoy doing in life :) Wishing you a *much love* week!

  2. I love that giraffe picture :)


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