Much Love Monday

 {kukubee on Etsy.}

The weekend just flew by! We had a relaxing weekend and yet surprisingly, we also got quite a bit done. Here's a few things I've been loving:

My Book Depository order for The Little Prince came in! This is the pop-up version with the author's original illustrations and I love it so! Check out the video me and the daughter made on this really cool book!

We did a little pasta making. It's not green because it's St. Patrick's Day. We just had some spinach on hand! Check out our pasta making afternoon!

Obviously food makes me happy. Here I am again ... that's a limocello baba!

And roses, especially from someone special, never fail to put a smile on my face.

What are you loving?


  1. the picture of that rose is beautiful :)
    I love getting flowers too! I wish I could keep them alive forever though.
    have a wonderful week aloi!

  2. I so l♥ve the Little Prince - and was so amused to see there is a pop-up version! And how fun that you made a video for it :) Lovely post - so much to love! Wishing you a wonderful week.

  3. thanks aspen! that same rose is now languishing - and that it shared its beauty is enough for me :) have a great week of much love, aspen!

    kata, i know you love the little prince. i've been lusting after that book forever - that when it went on sale i had to get it! those are the daughter's hands - she wasn't too keen on the soundtrack though i think it was apt (it's entitled "explorer"). wishing you a week of much love!

  4. Oh I've been pining for the little prince for so long!
    I'd love to get my hands on a love worn original but then that pop up version is so INCREDIBLE!
    Think I might have to leave this idea "laying around" for someone to pick up on - This is my paper anniversary after all ;)
    Have a lovely week ahead.

  5. good idea, katerina :P it's definitely a book worth having on your coffeetable!


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