5 Innovative Japanese bookshelves that will make you go ....ahhh!

  • Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Hitodako is based on the Japanese kites.

 The Shish Kebab looks just one!

 Mini Warp looks, well, warped!

Twodcubes just makes my head hurt. Obviously more decorative than functional,  it would only hold mini books. Or maybe 3 dozen sets of keys.

Grecoroman reminds me vaguely of those metal knuckles. But the smart way of describing it is that it is inspired by the Valens Aqueduct in Istanbul and many other Roman aqueduct bridges.


  1. I will take one of each, please. :) I especially love the Shisk Kebab.

    1. i just realized that first one is Japanese-inspired - but the shelves are definitely Italian-designed!

  2. Might be more encouraging if there were books on the shelves!


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