5 more innovative shelves that you'll want!

  • Saturday, April 07, 2012

From the same company that brought you this set, here I am with 5 more!

Libreriacirco 2 weirdly reminds me of an airconditioning unit. A very cool one.
Four more after the jump!

Kutupane looks like it's going to keel over ... from the heaviness of the books I know I would stuff this with.

A Crossword nut? This is definitely for you!

Probably my favourite ... reminiscent of the bones of the T. Tex, Rexbone
would look great in a boy's dinosaur-themed bedroom. Or my living room as a conversation piece. 

Variller reminds me of  a stack of sinks on its side. I would never have thought of this shape for a bookshelf!

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