Book Tour: Monsterology by Ernest Drake

Monsterology - The Complete Book of Fabulous Beasts - fabulous embossed and guilded cover, complete with red gems.
This is the second book tour for the Ology World Series, a very popular series of illustrated fantasy books. If you have a fascination for dinosaurs (come on, everyone does), this series takes it a notch higher -- presenting fictional topics as if  they were fact ... in a fun, tactile encyclopedia format.

Monsterology - The Complete Book of Fabulous Beasts by Ernest Drake is the book where I have the distinct memory of  the daughter glued to the Ology World website insisting and adamant, that there have been actual sightings of Big Foot and the Loch Ness monster. She was so excited that we couldn't bear to break the news. Check out some snaps from this wonderfully illustrated book that will keep your kids entertained for hours.

I first showed you Dragonology by Ernest Drake, which is among the most popular posts here. It's pretty obvious that the book is interesting. (But do you want to know the real reason why?)

This second volume, also by Dr. Drake, explores fantastical  creatures. Yetis, unicorns, krakens, griffins ... and more. Mythical? I doubt it. Yes, there have been sightings, yes we know their behaviour, and yes, we have even have samples like sea serpent skin and a feather from a winged horse.

Chockful of trivia, facts and figures, booklets and foldouts, even riddles to tell a sphinx! And lo and behold at the very back, a cabinet of curiosities! Poke around and be amazed!

Yes, you need a passport, of course. What are you thinking?
So, are you ready to find out about all these monsters? Read the letter first. Rethink.
Here's Dr. Drake once more, also the author of Dragonology.
Can you figure out what animal this is?
Awesome map to help you out in your quest to learn more about these monsters!

I always knew unicorn hairs were shiny!
 More unusual creatures!
A secret code to break!
A cabinet or curiosities ... let's take a peek, shall we?
Yeti fur, a feather from a hippogriff ... and is that an insect in amber? Hmmmm ....
Verdict: Thumbs up for this beautifully illustrated encyclopedia of fantastical beasts. Monsters do exist! This book proves it!

Monsterology - The Complete Book of Fabulous Beasts by Ernest Drake is the second volume in the Ology World Series. You know you want to see more ... because I definitely do!


  1. That looks fantastic!

  2. Ordered this already from an online shop :) excited much for my littlest kid!

    1. wonderful! i'll need to do a few more videos of the others and hopefully she'll want you to buy her more :P

  3. awsom! I have Dragonology! (thats a captil D to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


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