7 ideas for bookish gardeners/plant lovers!

  • Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Here's a treat for book lovers who are also green thumbs! A quick round-up of how to pamper your greens the book-friendly way!

Check out this "Growing Book" - literally a book where you can grow plants on the side, complete with lighting!

Recycle old books into planters! Check out the DIY here.

A variation of above -- just hang this book planter. 

Live Book - a books with a vase as its spine. Add a bit of green to your bookshelf with style!
{via YankoDesign.}

Gardening quotes on book spines ...

Cork planter book end set - multi-purposing three ways.

Manga gardening. Yes, those Japanese comics turn into seedbeds! 
Check out my old post for more photos!


  1. Really nice. Plants will benefit from a fertile imagination.


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