Friday 56 & Book Beginnings: Black Boogiemen

Black Boogiemen by Tallis Piaget
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For Book Beginnings:
"Who would have ever thought that couples, living in the rich suburbs of Ladue County, would fight to get their kids in inner city schools?" Roy asked Ms. Fox with a smile. The question was more rhetorical than anything. - p. 7

For Friday 56:
Mathew walked over to the table and sat, "I'd rather be nosy and listen." The three men laughed at his brash honesty. - p. 56

Synopsis of Black Boogiemen by Tallis Piaget: This book follows Dr. Trenton Branch, a scientist whose extremely meager upbringing came from his grandmother and the cruel inner city streets. He grows to become a world renowned biochemist, living in one of the wealthiest suburbs in the country. One miserable day while visiting his old neighborhood a calamity occurs; this incites the rage of a rabid pit bull within Dr. Branch. He then unites a group of men, waging war against the inner city in an attempt to excise all of its demons. Sparking what some called the “Civil War of 2020” this controversial story touches on all of the untold secrets of black America, while providing a fast past, page turning tale of violence and knowledge. 
This looks like an intense read! I guess I need a bit of shake-up. So when I saw this was up for review, sign me up! I'll be hosting the author Tallis Piaget on the blog next week ... with a giveaway, so watch for it!

My review writing pace is horrible lately. What is it about the fall and eating? And the reading -- which has been good? Always hungry and always reading.

I hope you're all keeping warm-ish! Happy Friday!


  1. Reading and eating - that's fall, I agree.

  2. Love that 56. I have a brash honesty myself... sometimes gets me in trouble.

  3. Love it! I'm behind on reviews too!

  4. This sounds like it could be really good. I've never heard of this book or the author, but I think I'd like the story.

  5. I wonder what they were talking about that he decided to be nosy! Interesting beginning! Sounds like an intense read. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Happy weekend!


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