Bookish Christmas trees!

I know many of you have piles of books, so check out some Christmassy ways of using them in your holiday decorating!

Bookish method no. 1:
Pile 'em up to make a 3-dimensional tree! Lights optional.
This one makes use of lovely hardbounds in many colours. Very festive!
{Nathan Bush Via. Thanks Nola for the heads up!}

NUC Christmas Tree 3
This is apparently over 9 feet! In one colour, works best with encylopedias ... 
how many books do you need to make this I can only guess. A lot? 

Method no. 2:
Arrange in a Christmas Tree on your bookshelf for a 2-dimensional effect!
Minimalist and easy as pie (though I personally think this looks a tad messy).

Not just books (though you could) ... but I love that tree topper!
{Form Via}


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