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  • Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Welcome to my No Strings Attached Giveaway! I really loved this book entitled Inner Visions and I hope I can spread a little more positivity and good news in this world with this giveaway. And please pay it forward if you win ... pass it along to a friend, or do something for your neighbourhood!

You can read my full review here. My verdict: 
An inspiring book of how people can instigate change in even the most dire of circumstances. Filled with real stories of struggling yet triumphing people and communities through vignettes and compelling photography, I highly recommend this book!
 Read author Jan Thrope's guest post On Finding Champions of Change. She shares:
I didn’t set out to write this book. The process was jump-started when a boy I was tutoring was overcome by fear. Each day on the way to school he witnessed things that were so frightening that he became incapacitated. I started exploring his neighborhood to find the source of his anxiety and to discover ways to keep him safe.
Synopsis: Inner Visions is an astonishing book about the reality of inner-city neighborhoods where it seems all hope and vision for a better future has been abandoned. Jan Thrope takes the reader on a tour through the most poverty-stricken areas of Cleveland, Ohio, to show the despair and how some of the residents are pulling together to make positive changes with hard work and innovative thinking. This book is a testament to the human spirit and that despite the situations some people have been born into, they still want better for themselves and their community.
100% of all of the proceeds from the book goes to support Inner Visions of Cleveland projects.
Giveaway Time!
2 copies - 1 US / 1 Canada
Thank you, Jan, for sharing your book with us!
This is a no strings attached giveaway. Use the Rafflecopter to indicate your email address and whether you're in the US or Canada! That's all you need to enter!

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