Sticky Icky Booger Bugs by Sherry Frith (+ Giveaway!)

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Synopsis of Sticky Icky Booger Bugs by Sherry Frith*: There are 30,000 children each year diagnosed and battling cystic fibrosis. There is no cure for this progressive disease. Sticky Icky Booger Bugs is the tale of a boy's battle with cystic fibrosis as he attempts to avoid the hospital. Kory is just like any other child. He loves recess, playing soccer and exploring his neighborhood with his best friend. With every puff, cough, and sneeze, Kory keeps the sticky icky booger bugs away so he can have fun every day!

My two cents

This is a simple, straightforward and accessible story about Kory, a young boy with cystic fibrosis. It is about his daily routine of going to school and around his neighbourhood, how he takes his medication, and interacting with important people in his life.

In short, it is a story about just how ordinary a day can be. But it is about  how extraordinary children can be in face of illness, pain, and suffering.

I love the raison d'être for this book: to explain cystic fibrosis in simple terms to a young child, and to make the child feel loved. The message and language is clear and the illustrations bring home some very important points (even medical procedures). Frith has created a beautiful reminder of her love for her kids, which not only accomplishes its goal for her kids but many other kids facing the same disease.

With fun illustrations, this book is a wonderful tool for raising awareness about cystic fibrosis. Check out the website for more information. I recommend it for families and parents with children who have the disease and for schools to encourage a better understanding among the children's peers. Get a copy, educate yourself, and please help spread the word about it!

About the author 

Sherry Frith wrote Sticky Icky Booger Bugs after her sons Kory and Kevin were diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. She wanted to give them a gift and an explanation for what they were being faced with in terms both could understand. Keeping the sticky icky booger bugs away became an important daily routine that keeps the disease under control and her boys out of the hospital. After being diagnosed in 2010 with a rare genetic heart condition, her future was unknown. She made the decision to leave something for her boys, and the book unfolded with the help from illustrations by her neighbor Carol, whose grandson is also in the book. Kory’s story lets him and other children with medical routines know that they are loved.

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  1. I have no idea what cystic fibrosis is! Obviously, must check out the book now.

  2. So glad you reviewed this one. This is a book that needs more attention.
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  3. Thank you for your review Aloi! We will also be reviewing this one. I couldn't resist when I found out the topic (not that they didn't have me at the title!) lol Thanks for sharing in the Kid Lit Blog Hop! :-)

  4. An amazing backstory for the book. Thank you so much for sharing with the KLBH!

  5. Thanks for the opportunity to win. When my daughter doesn't feel well she always likes cuddling and watching her favorite shows. The book sounds great.

  6. Great review of Sticky Icky Booger Bugs! Thanks for helping spread the word about this book!

    1. Thanks Kelsey for offering it up for review. It was a pleasure!


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