Friday 56 & #BookBeginnings: Incendiary Girls {+Giveaway!}

 For Book Beginnings:
Ellen is convinced her daughter's lesson horse is the reincarnation of her mother. The horse's eyes give her away. And her mother always loved anything equine. Fitting that now she's a black Thoroughbred mare.
- p. 1, beginning of the first short story "Fundamental Laws of Nature"

For Friday 56:
I hold Gabe's brain in my hands, trace my fingers along the wrinkled fissures. I wonder what memories are locked deep inside. I commit the structures to memory: central sulcus, lateral sulcus, cingulate sulcus.
- p. 56, from the short story "Gross Anatomy"

About Incendiary Girls by Kodi Scheer: In Scheer’s hands, empathy and attachment are illuminated by the absurdity of life. Inspired by her studies in medicine and science, INCENDIARY GIRLS is a reflection of the power of healing, with all of its magical twists (and will remind readers of Karen Russell’s and Hannah Tinti’s stories). When our bodies betray us, when we begin to feel our minds slip, how much can we embrace without going insane? How much can we detach ourselves before losing our humanity? Scheer’s stories grapple with these questions in each throbbing, choking, heartbreaking moment.

Courtesy of the publisher via TLC Book Tours

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  1. Curious opening lines! Gives a sense of connection between the generations. Happy reading, thanks for sharing this :)

    My Friday Book Memes

  2. I haven't read short stories in a while, but I do enjoy them. This sounds like a terrific collection. I especially like the opening.
    Here's the link to my Friday post: RESCUE MY HEART.

    1. Wait for my gushing review on Monday. I try to summarize each of the stories!

  3. The Beginning absolutely cracked me up, especially the last line. I don't know whether it was meant that way, but my head just read it in an incredibly sarcastic way! This one looks like it could be really interesting, with its mix between medicine and magic!
    Thanks for sharing :) I hope you have a great weekend!
    My Friday post
    Juli @ Universe in Words

    1. Ooooohh .. if you read some of the other stories, they're even stranger :) At the least this was interesting. At the most -- surreal.

  4. Very different. I am not sure I would want to be likened to a horse, though. :)

    THANKS for sharing.

    Silver's Reviews
    My Book Beginnings

  5. Book Beginnings definitely sounds interesting. I do believe that the human soul can be reincarnated within animals. I have had a couple connections with animals that were known as people, and my mom is taking care of her older sister in cat form. I think it would be unique not to find an animal that isn't somehow supposed to be connected to each of us. Thanks for the giveaway!

    1. Woah! How do you know the cat is her older sister? Must say that I found the first story a little odd but now you have a similar story, so maybe it isn't as odd as I'd thought!

  6. Interesting... I do like short stories!

    Happy weekend!


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