{Guest Post} Mason Johnson: Sad Robot Stories

  • Wednesday, June 25, 2014

It's not everyday I have a robot (and a sad one at that) over at Guiltless Reading! Welcome robot, and welcome to Mason Johnson, creator and author of robot. Check out this awesome trailer, made by Mason himself, for his new book Sad Robot Stories.

About Mason Johnson

Mason Johnson is a writer from Chicago who currently works full time writing and editing articles for CBS. You can find his fiction at themasonjohnson.com. Also, he pets all the cats.

Synopsis of Sad Robot Stories by Mason Johnson: Robot is one of millions of androids on an Earth that recently saw the extinction of human life. While Robot's mechanical brothers and sisters seem happy, Robot finds himself lost and missing the only friend he had, a human named Mike whose family accepted Robot as a piece of their personal puzzle. Without both the mistakes and the capacity for miracles that define human civilization, is civilization even worth having? Explore this question in the hilarious yet heartbreaking full-length debut of popular Chicago performer Mason Johnson. A Kurt Vonnegut for the 21st century, his answers are simultaneously droll, surprising and touching, and will make you rethink the limits of what a storyteller can accomplish within science fiction.

Check out the rest of the tour at the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography.


  1. I'm totally directing Monika from A Lovely Bookshelf over here - she really enjoyed Sad Robot and LOVES all things CCLaP!

    1. April, do you allow blog tour stops on your site? I always have some great authors looking for a bloggy visit!


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