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Whew! What a crazy week this has been! 

#BookmarkMonday started these lovely calendar-bookmarks ...
Friday 56 & Book Beginnings features Nigerian novel I Do Not Come to You by Chance
Mental Health Awareness Month Post No. 2 features 3 books about autism

Author Guest Posts:

Tyler Taylor of The Amends Band says that "All Stories are True"
to introduce a very cool literary-musical project called The Ruins of Tropicalia,
a FREE serialized book + crazy good Indie rock-n-roll debuting June 26!
Will Chluho ponders on "BEA in New York & The Elephant Fable"
to introduce his philosophical Lemonade Revealed.


I wasn't disappointed in Ronlyn Domingue's second book in The Keeper of Tales Trilogy.
It thoroughly entranced me with its melding of fantastical elements, an old-world folkloric feel, and beautiful lyrical writing. Read The Chronicle of Secret Riven and find out Secret's destiny.


I can't believe I have THREE giveaways ongoing.
They're pretty diverse, which is good -- there's something for everyone!

2 paperbacks Lemonade Revealed by Will Chluho
(open US/Can)

For the Literary Giveaway Blog Hop,
I am giving away any book by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
(open to any country where Book Depository ships)


  1. I am LOVING The Amends t-shirt... I also love the idea of book + rock 'n roll. :)

  2. I didn't realize it was Literary Blog Hop time! Off to check it out...

  3. Love the shirt! I really want to read The Chronicles of Secret Riven. It looks fascinating. Have a great week!


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