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Yet another slower week. Which is perfect, as my reviewing is slowing down, and I am finally getting some more time to get back to reading.

 I found some gorgeous letterpress bookmarks that you need to see!
Friday 56 & Book Beginnings
Remember last year's Doctor Who Tour? A new Doctor Who book came in the mail as a thank you!
I stumbled upon this video of a really cool project -- a book that merges the tangible book with the joys of the digital.
For those shelfanatics out there!


Got some really interesting sci-fi reading ... except all of this is for real! Check out my review of highly readable non-fiction Harvesting Space for a Greener Earth by Greg Matloff, C Bangs and Les Johnson


Congrats to the winners!
William, Juli and April
 Don't forget to check out the latest installments of the FREE serialized book The Ruins of Tropicalia + the new songs out! Download now!
Lemonade Revealed by Will Chluho
Congrats to the winners L. and Kara!


  1. For a slow week, that looks pretty busy to me. Looks like a lot of good things there.

    1. Thanks Bryan -- I'm a little hard on myself bec. I count my reviews as the "serious" stuff. But yeah, lots of fun ;)

  2. Yay on the Doctor Who book! I loved the excerpt you posted Friday. The bookmarks look amazing! I'd love to have more interesting bookmarks but I have a hard time actually spending money of them. Have a great week!

    1. Are you ready for Aug 23? ;) As you know, I have a things for bookmarks, so even if I can't own them, I can look, right? Enjoy your week, Katherine :)


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