{Guest Post + FREE E-book!} Daniel Clausen: Reejecttion

  • Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Last year, I read and reviewed an unconventional book called The Ghosts of Nagasaki; it was poetic and philosophical. Today, I have the same author, Daniel Clausen, on the blog to share is new FREE e-book. Find out more about it! 

What is the book?

The book is a humorous collection of essays and short stories. It’s also free! It’s a great book for anyone who has ever gotten a form rejection letter.

Are you seeking reviews?

Not in particular. If this book was your friend, it would be the kind of friend you found hanging around in a trailer park in a wifebeater, waist-deep in a kiddie pool, drinking a beer on a Tuesday afternoon.

He’s fun to be around for a little bit, just don’t let your friends catch you with him.

What’s the summary/ tag lines:

Have you ever faced rejection?

How about reejecttion?

This short story / essay collection looks at the challenges of being a writer, the challenges of being a human, and the challenges of being on the other side of a form rejection slip.

We regret to inform you that when you read this short story collection you will laugh, you will scream, but mostly you'll wonder how getting reejectted ever felt so good.

Who are you?

I’m the kind of guy Clark Kent ignores. I am humble and hardworking. Adulthood does not come easy to me. I don’t think I’m alone in this…

Also, I write fiction.

Sequel Ideas:

I’d love to do a sequel. But everything depends on getting the right title.

Reejecttion too
Reejecttion: the awakening
Inception-Reejecttion (Tag line: Be ready to experience the rejection within the rejection within the rejection)
Reejecttion 8: Die Daniel Die (Tagline: His story was so bad, they sent an assassin out to make sure he never wrote again).
Reejecttion vs. Predator

Top Ten Reasons to Read the Book:

You will get rejected - promise!
There are good short stories in between rejections
The book might take all of 30-40 minutes to read
Most stories are only 2 pages
It’s an excellent stomach, back, and triceps workout

Sorry I could only come up with five (I.O.U five more reasons)


Sure! Don’t forget to check out the book

Here: http://issuu.com/danielclausen/docs/the_reejectts-7-23-2014.

Or, if you want a PDF or MOBI file, email me at: lexicalfunk [at] gmail.com

About Daniel Clausen

Daniel Clausen has been writing short stories, novels, and essays since he was in elementary school. His short stories have been published in Slipstream MagazineSpindrift, Leading Edge, and Zygote in my Coffee, among other venues.

He has published two other books: The Sage and the Scarecrow (a novel) and The Lexical Funk (a short story collection/ word bonanza). The Ghosts of Nagasaki is his third book and is loosely based on his experiences living in Nagasaki, Japan.


  1. You always have the BEST author interviews, Aloi! :)

    Cheers, Daniel - I'm going to check this one out. :)

    1. I have such interesting submissions from authors, April! I take no credit for it!


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