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It's the first week of August, AUGUST! I've gotten so much summer reading in that I'm 10 books shy of my 50 book goal. Plus I am enjoying the weather, the cherries, the ice cream and the outdoors! What about you?

So let's see what happened here over the week:

Quit monkey around and get reading! ;)
Friday 56 & Book Beginnings + Giveaway (US/Can)
A rather scary read about a sinister medical system.


Check out my new book nook! All the best things: Gauguin, Amsterdam and a cushy seat on the patio!
I adore this unique flipbook that will make bird watchers and lovers swoon!

Book Review

If you are intrigued by Jewish folklore and mythology and enjoy magical realism, pick up this unique story of family, sisterhood, and the White Rebbe.

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  1. I'm seeing 'The Angel of Losses' everywhere -- is it quite excellent?

    1. It's quite intriguing -- for me it was a mixed bag. You can check out my review and see if you think it's for you!

  2. 50 book goal! Wow! How do you find the time to read that much in one month? I'd love to know your secret :)

    1. Noooo... that's for an entire YEAR Jane. I'd probably be sleep(read)walking if I read that many books in a month hahaha

  3. Oh! I love the adorable monkeys!

  4. I need those monkey bookmarks but can't crochet.


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