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Yo yo yo Sunday once again on Guiltless Reading!

I'm crossing my fingers we get a nice bit of sun before it settles into true fall weather. How about you -- have you made peace that it's fall? ;) I've got a huge pile of new books from a recent book sale and I'm set for the until well into the new year. Anyway, let's see what the blog for the past week:
I've got some awesome Halloween-themed bookmarks for all of October's #BookmarkMonday.
This week it's all about weapons!
Ready for a Q&A? Read my answers to 55 Quirky Questions for Readers and do let me know if we're kindred souls or not ;)

Friday 56 & Book Beginnings is from one of my new booksale books The Buddha in the Attic by Julie Otsuka. I confess, it was the cover.

Book Reviews

Juliet's Nurse by Lois Leveen
This was so, so good! I loved this spicy retelling of Romeo and Juliet!

What a surprise of a read! This Young Adult urban fantasy is a modern retelling of a selkie/mermaid tale, with an X-Men feel to it!

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  1. Salted caught my attention right away. Anything with water I have to check out. I love mermaids and will grab any book about them. I just finished reading Ice Massacre by Tiana Warner, a different kind of mermaid story than I have read before. I am loving it. Happy reading.
    sherry @ Sherry's Shelves

    1. Hey Sherry, I probably should've guessed that based on your blog header :) If you enjoy mermaid stories, I do hope you get a copy of Salted. It's a whole series and the first was quite good, so more to look forward to!


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