#RRSciFiMonth: A Doctor Who Retrospective on Guiltless Reading

Last year was the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who. I finally got my feet wet in this huge cult following by joining a few book tours, getting a crash course from the daughter (err, what's the TARDIS again?), and finally watching some old episodes. Without further ado ... here's Doctor Who ...

By way of this book, I was introduced to Doctor Who and his world/s. Overall, I think I was expecting this book to be ... cheesy. Aliens. Time travel. And in the back of my mind, on TV: cheap alien costumes, bad special effects. But this book surprised the heck out of me!

This was fun! This is sci-fi light, nothing too heavy, with a great mix of humour, romance and battle. In an unlikely melding of Nordic and primitive folklore as well as a futuristic alien invasion, and how the Doctor comes between two life forms fighting for their respective sides' very survival. 

Doctor Who invades your nails!
I don't think i need to say much. So just go click so you can see more!

How about these TARDamask socks? Click and there are more Sci-fi-y sockness ;)

Friday 56 and Book Beginnings:
Doctor Who-ology
Anything and everything Doctor Who -- this is the official document from BBC!

Tales of Trenzalore
I haven't read this. I probably should!
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  1. Great post! Good to see that you are enjoying all things about the Doctor now :) Have you been watching the new Doctor? I so, what do you think? Me, my son, and daughter have been really enjoying the latest series so far, but we still can't get my wife interested. I did a few Doctor posts last year for Sci-Fi month, but had to pull out of this year's event at the last minute, although I am still enjoying checking out many of the posts.

    1. I got through the ninth and the tenth Doctor episodes then I stopped. I think that it's a good time to get back into them in winter ... but I do know who Clara Oswald is ;) My daughter is obviously watching. Ah, well, William, there is always next year ... this looks like an annual thing now!


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