Sundays at Guiltless Reading (24)

Happy Winter!

Is it snowing in your part of the world? If it is, stay safe, folks, and bundle up! Anyway, this last week has been full. Here's what I've been up to ...

Bookmark Monday! It's the third week of #BookmarkMonday and Sci-Fi November and I've got a few old tech that been made into something new ... like these old circuit board bookmarks.

Both Sci-Fi November and Nonfiction November are coming to a close.

For Nonfiction November ...

NonFiction November and Diversity. Reading around the world? Reading different themes? What are your thoughts?

The Ebola scare may have passed but it is still something in the back of people's minds. D.J. Donaldson, a forensic/medical author analyzes Outbreak ... Breakdown in his novel Louisiana Fever.

For SciFi Month ...

Ever read classic dystopian story The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood? Even if you haven't, check out these unexpected homages to The Handmaid's Tale.

Here's my review of Doctor Who, The Tales of Trenzalore: The Eleventh Doctor's Last Stand.

Last week, I reviewed another strange tale The Heart Does Not Grow Back. I have the author Fred Venturini over to explain the  origins of his story about his regenerating man. 

Last Friday ...

For Friday 56 and #BookBeginnings, I have another short story collection featured, called Hellgoing by Lynn Coady.


(5 paperbacks, 5 ebooks, open worldwide)

(1 paperback, US/Can)

Anything catch your eye in my week? What are you up to? Do tell!

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