#AMonthofFaves: 5 Books ... of Short Stories!

For today's A Month of Favorites, tell us about five of your favorite books...by theme! Some ideas: audiobooks, fantasy, science fiction, mysteries, books with surprise twists, surprise endings, non-fiction, books that made you cry, laugh out loud, cringe, book boyfriends that stole your heart, apocalypse, dystopian, best books with kick ass girls, favorite siblings, couples, friends, most hated and loved villains. 

I keep saying that this is the year of the short story for me and I can't seem to get enough of them! TLC Book Tours has offered up some amazing short story collections for review that I was pleasantly surprised that I found all my picks resonating in a very special way.

When joining the Literary Blog Hop this year, I decided to give away a short story collection with some very clear recommendations.

This year, in no particular order (actually this is alphabetical!), here are some of my favourite short story collections, linked up to my full reviews.

Why it's a favourite: Fortuna has a special way of making the ordinary and lucklustre seem intriguing at least and provoking at best. I highly recommend this for those who love insightful characterizations, and those who aren't afraid to read about gritty, messy and sometimes bizarre lives.

Why it's a favourite: This is one of the most innovative and imaginative books I've read in a long time! This short story collection is bizarre, surreal, odd, sometimes absurd, sometimes oddly disturbing ... but always unique and memorable.

Why it's a favourite: An amazing collection of 12 short stories that mostly start out feeling like dystopian tales that slowly morph into an illuminating albeit disturbing introspection of human nature. Read it if you can take the darkness along with the beauty that makes up humanity.

Why it's a favourite: This collection of short stories is by a National Artist of the Philippines for Literature. Each story is a gem with its unique take on family life, love, and faith during the Spanish colonial period in the Philippines. I hope you pick this one up!

Why it's a favourite: While graphic and disturbing, these stories told by children in a conflict-ridden Africa, bravely speaks of the inequities and the horrors that exist in the world. A short story collection that will challenge and provoke you, I recommend this highly for those who dare to be conscienticized.

Have you read any good short stories this year? Do share! 

Anything that you'd like to pick up in my 5? Which one/s?

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  1. I just realized seeing your list that I didn't read any short stories at all this year. These stories all sound great. I am especially interested in Say You're One of Them.

    Thanks for the great recommendations!

  2. Oh Nish, where you lack I am overflowing, so I am glad you came across my little list :) Happy short story reading in 2015, maybe? :)

  3. I am struggling to finish a short story collection for review. Many times I enjoy them and I have not read any of these. Thanks for sharing with #SmallVictoriesSundaylinkup and hope you join us again this week!


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