#AMonthofFaves: Top 10 Fave New-to-Me Authors for 2014

One of the main reasons I adore book blogging is discovering new book and new authors! I love joining book tours because they give me to access to all things new. This year has been pretty spectacular on the "new author front" for me.

Here I have 10 new-to-me-authors and the books that made me favourite them. One criteria for my "faving" them: if I see any of their books pop up in Goodreads, old or new, I'll want to read them!

Short Stories

Kodi Scheer / Incendiary Girls 
Diane Cook / Man V. Nature
Kevin Fortuna / The Dunning Man 
Violet Kupersmith / The Frangipani Hotel

In a previous post I kept saying that this was the year of the short story for me. These collections stood out for me not only were they memorable but each author had a very unique voice:

Kodi Scheer explores the confluence of body and mind. Diane Cook peers into the human soul as it battles ... itself. Kevin Fortuna tells the stories of everyday people and there is sometimes extraordinary in the ordinary, if you look hard enough. Violet Kupersmith melds Vietnamese folklore in her otherwordly stories that explore the immigrant experience.


Phillip Margulies / Belle Cora
Lois Leveen / Juliet's Nurse
Mona Simpson / Casebook
Fred Venturini / The Heart Does Not Grow Back

I was flabbergast when I'd realized I'd read close to 600 pages in Phillip Margulies' unputdownable fictionalized story of a real woman, a pioneer and chameleon. It takes a special author to do that!

I read very little classical literature but Lois Leveen's spunky retelling of Romeo and Juliet really got me engrossed in the politics, religion and social status of the Renaissance.

Mona Simpson's mother-son tale really touched me and it grew on me with its tender storytelling melded with mathematical philosophies and comic book humour. 

Meanwhile, Venturini hooked me with his extremely creative story about a man who regenerates bdy parts. My first thought putting this down: now that was weird. But I loved it, in a weird, wonderful way.

Nick Joaquin / May Day Eve and Other Stories 
The Summer Solstice and Other Stories*

This year, I resolved to get in touch with my Filipino roots by reading more Philippine-authored books. While I'd heard about Joaquin, a Philippine National Artist for Literature, I'd never read any of his work. I was able to read two of his books and promptly loved how he captured the nuances of Filipino attitudes and how entrenched these are with family, religion, and culture.


James Vescovi / Eat Now, Talk Later
I wanted to get some non-fiction in here, and Dale Carnegie and James Vescovi were standouts for me. 
Dale Carnegie's classic self-help book (and the wildly popular spinoffs) have stuck around because its message is simple and enduring: it's not about manipulation, it's about being genuinely interested in people. 

James Vescovi's memoir about his immigrant Italian family is really special. I hope it inspired yu, as it did me.

Sorry to sound like a broken record if you see the same books and the same authors in my faves posts.... that's just the way of faves ;) I look forward to seeing your lists!


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  1. You've had a really great year of discoveries!
    I had already noticed Incendiary girls thanks to Andi: I underline it.
    I know nothing about Filipino literature and I'm happy you draw my attention. I'm going to make searches of what is available here.

    1. It worked out wonderfully this year :) I highly recommend Incendiary Girls -- it's a very special book. I am crossing my fingers you find some good Filipino lit to buy online as some of these books can be pretty hard to find ... unless of course you're in the Philippines. Thanks for coming by Flo ... am off to check out your blog :)

  2. I love finding new to me authors. Most of these are new to me so thanks for the recommendation and for sharing with #SmallVictoriesSundayLinkup! Hope you join us again this week!


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