Sundays at Guiltless Reading (26)

... almost Christmas?

I'm posting a little early because this Sunday is going to be a little nuts (insert speculation here).

Have you finished your Christmas shopping? (me: no).

Did you know we're having our office party next week? (me: what? what the heck am I bringing?!)


Christmas is everywhere, and I know most of you are getting ready for festivities. I've been slowing down on the reviewing but there is still plenty happening on the blog for your downtime pleasure :)

A local vintage bookworm!

Guest post:
Accountability, WTF?

Friday 56 and Book Beginnings:
The Mask Carver's Son

It's a Month of Faves!
5 Books of ... Short Stories

10 Fave Book Covers (actually it's a dozen)
Anything catch your eye in my week? What are you up to?

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  1. Got my shopping almost done and decorations about done too. We won't be having an office Christmas Part but will be meeting for snakcs and drinks one day soon.
    It;s starting to feel like Christmas!
    Here's my Sunday Post -

  2. I'm not ready either! I've only just started my shopping and the decorations are still in boxes. So much to do! Glad I"m not the only one who is behind. Have a great week!


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