#Friday56 & #BookBeginnings: Baker's Blues

Of all the ways he could have died, drowning was the least likely. He swam almost daily, headed for Matador when the surf was up, learned the Eskimo roll at the age of forty, sailed every chance he got. He couldn't possibly drown.
- p. 3

 For Friday 56:  
"And then you suddenly remembered, hey I have a wife! And she's probably wondering where I am--"
- p. 56

About Baker's Blues by Judith Ryan HendricksIn Wyn Morrison’s world a 5 AM phone call usually means problems at her bakery—equipment trouble or a first shift employee calling in sick—annoying but mundane, fixable. But the news she receives on a warm July morning is anything but mundane. Or fixable.

Mac, her ex-husband, is dead.

Ineligible for widowhood, Wyn is nonetheless shaken to her core as she discovers that the fact of divorce offers no immunity from grief. Friends and family are bewildered by her spiral into sadness, Mac’s daughter Skye blames her for his death.

For the last several years Wyn has been more businesswoman than baker, leaving the actual bread making to others. Now, as she takes up her place in the bread rotation once more, she will sift through her memories, coming to terms with Mac and his demons, with Skye’s anger, and with Alex, who was once more than a friend. Soon she will re-learn the lessons of bread that she first discovered at the Queen Street Bakery in Seattle…bread rises, pain fades, the heart heals, and the future waits.

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