Let me tell you about Read the Nobels ... and maybe you'll join in!

  • Saturday, September 26, 2015

I've been distracted lately. What with the recent Bloggiesta, watching the X-Files for RIPX, reading (oh but of course), procrastinating (who me?), and real life happening, I've had something in the works all this while.

Way back when in 2007, I started a challenge blog called Read the Nobels. It's a multi-authored blog for a perpetual challenge to read books written by Nobel Prize for Literature winners.

Maybe a week before Bloggiesta, I started rethinking what to do with it since it's in dire need of rescucitation. Dire, I tell you. I couldn't bear to simply shut it down since there were still some people interested. Naturally I emailed all the contributors and decided I'd figure out the next steps based on the feedback.

A few people finally responded but that was enough to propel me into action. I just recently revamped the entire site and plan on getting things cleaned up, pumped up with more resources, and more visible on social media ... ahh plans, plans. Go check it out!

I am blogging about  Read the Nobels in the hopes that I can get a few more people interested. Who wants to read the Nobels? *big enticing smile*

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