Scott McCloud: The visual magic of comics #TEDTalks every book blogger should watch

I track down TED Talks that would be of special interest to the book blogging community ... and they become a jumping board for personal musings, including yours!

I recently dug up my copy of Persepolis which remains unreviewed to this day because I'm not quite sure what to say. This rather shocking memoir is presented through a comic strip, and I was nonplussed.

Which got me thinking about comics and graphic novels. Do Archie comics that I'd read in elementary school really count towards reading? I've read so very few graphic novels that I'm pretty much a dweeb. But then the visual component of a book has always had a huge appeal to me (covers for example!), and children's picture books really rock my boat, as does anything authored and illustrated by Nick Bantock.

This TED Talk by comic book author Scott McCloud entitled The Visual Magic of Comics explores the complexity of "vision" that comics can represent and can provide its readers.

Do you read comics ad graphic novels? Do share!

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