Travel the World in Books Mini Challenge + #Giveaway: Make your own Book Map! #TTWIBRAT

If you're getting a déjà vu vibe reading this post, you're not the only one! I'm reviving an old mini challenge for this year's Travel the World in Books Readathon.

Why? Book maps are such an easy way to keep track of reads, especially if the goal is to travel around the world through books!

Take a gander ...

My book map features books I've read based on setting (with covers!) and whether it's fiction (red) or non-fiction. I've also separated them out by year read.

Ready to make your own?

This tutorial comes in two parts. Block off a few hours of time and you can come up with a basic book map sing Google Maps.

Plan and create your book map
Start mapping your reads

Tweak your book map
Embed your book map on your blog

Need some inspiration? Check out last year's participants' maps in THIS POST.

Prizes! Yes!

Getting a beautiful new book map on your blog is the best prize! But to spice things up, I am giving away $10 of digital goodies from Marketplace (go take a look! Here are a few of my recommended items.)

How to win: 

New and past participants are welcome! Open international. Winner will be chosen randomly.
  • When you've completed your map, leave a comment below with a link to your map so we can all see it! 
  • Have you done this mini challenge already? Update or edit your book map, and leave a comment below with a link and a short description of what you did. You can enter for the prizes too!
  • Make sure to fill up Rafflecopter to get your entry! Get extra entries by sharing this mini challenge on social media.

P.S. If you have any questions, post them below as there are quite a few of us who've done this already and we can figure things out pretty quickly

Happy mapping! Happy travels!

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