#TraveltheWorldinBooks! It's almost readathon time! #TTWIBRAT

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I'm a huge reader (I think this blog gives that away!) But I also want to read more widely, more diversely and because of that I have naturally sought out books set in other countries (other than the US and Canada) and written by authors of various nationalities. I've also naturally sought out like-minded folks and reading challenges.

This year, I'm excited to be co-hosting the Travel the World in Books Readathon with the following wonderful ladies and their amazing blogs: Tanya from Mom's Small Victories, Becca from I’m Lost in Books, Savvy Working Gal and Lucy from Fictional 100. It's so great to be part your team, ladies!

This readathon is part of a bigger challenge, the Travel the World in Books Reading Challenge:

Explore countries other than the one where you live. Read as much as you can of books set in a different country or by an author from a different country. Read for your own pleasure or learning, read with your kids or both. Travel the world from the comfort of your own home and learn about different cultures. Expand your horizons and show publishers that #WeNeedDiverseBooks to promote cultural understanding and diversity in our reading. Support diverse authors and books.

Let me help you put together your reading list ...

Over the past two years, I've accumulated some posts that highlight reading diversely. Check them out here, and maybe you'll like some of my recommendations:

What we've got in store for you!

Among the five of us, we've got tons planned, from mini challenges, guest posts, giveaways, discussions and so much more!

On this blog, I'll be hosting the following, so be sure to pop over during the event:
Ready to sign up? Head on over HERE

Looking forward to seeing you all again soon!

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