A quick note about the change.

  • Sunday, January 10, 2016

You probably noticed that this blog changed ... yet again.

Change is inevitable, as they say, and over the years, I've realized that my reading and blogging has changed in many ways too.

Huge change today with a new logo, new colours (what, no red or pink!?), and the marked absence of the elephant with the crown of flowers. I'll miss my elephant and I know you probably will too. My reading and blogging is about me and will always reflect me (let's be honest that we all blog for ourselves). Hopefully I've captured that this blog is my little space where the written word is always in my mind, and that there is a lot of feeling behind what is here.

Cheers to change!

P.S. If you're curious about the design, sound off in the comments and I'll probably spill :)

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