#Friday56 & #BookBeginnings: Lyra's Oxford

For Book Beginnings:
Lyra didn't often climb out of her bedroom window these days.
- p. 3

For Friday 56:
"Not for this sickness. It's a new kind. Only the gold elixir can cure it."
- p. 29 (this book is only 49 pages!)

Back blurb of Lyra's Oxford by Philip Pullman
Lyra's Oxford opens two years after the conclusion of Philip Pullman Amber Spyglass in the comfort and familiarity of Jordan College.
Lyra and her dæmon, Pantalaimon, sit on the sun-drenched roof looking out over all of Oxford, but their peace is shattered when a strange bird - a witch's dæmon, on its own - tumbles out of the sky, in search of a healing elixir to cure his witch of a strange new disease. Lyra and Pan decide to help - witches are friends, of course - but the closer their winding walk leads them toward the infamous Oxford alchemist, the stronger Lyra's sense that something is amiss.

I know this book probably sounds strange. Because it is - it's a supplementary book to the His Dark Materials Trilogy which is among my all-time favourite fantasy books (along with Lord of the Rings). I know that's a tall order, but if you've never heard of this series, then you must look it up!

Your thoughts? Is this too "out there"?


  1. I still need to read His Dark Materials - I've heard so many great things about the series to say no. :)

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  2. I am jumping for joy. I love the Golden Compass series and didn't know this book existed. Super psyched. I am getting it. My Friday Quotes

  3. It almost sounds like a true story, although I can see that it isn't. I like the style. Here's my Friday Book Hour

  4. I haven't read His Dark Materials yet - I was going to start it but things kept getting in the way years ago and I've just never found the time but I do like the beginning - nice choice! Here's my Friday meme

  5. I love the sound of this one! I still haven't read any of Pullman's books so I should probably get on that soon. I've only seen the film which everyone told me does't live up to the book at all! Also, I absolutely love your header image! Thanks for sharing :) I hope you have a great next week!

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    Juli @ Universe in Words

  6. Hmm, not my usual read, but it does sound intriguing. Thanks for sharing...and here's mine:


  7. Mysterious illness.... no more climbing out the window.... so many curiosities. :-)
    I added you to the Linky. Happy weekend!

  8. Okay, that beginning had me curious. Then the gold elixir. I'm wondering what kind of illness it is.

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  9. I can't compare it to anything else. I love it so much I can't even write a decent review ;)

  10. Yay, a fellow fan! Anne, do you have Once Upon a Time in the North? It's another companion book which reminds me I really should feature that too ;)

  11. Juli, you NEED to read Pullman! I have a feeling you're going to like him :) The movie was horrible (well, not really, but it is so LACKING), so just forget about the movie and read it and enjoy it!

    (Thanks ... my header is newish and I'm still getting used to it ;))

  12. If you like fantasy, I highly recommend it! This is just a companion book but it really gives you a feeling for the trilogy. Happy weekend.

  13. Thanks Laurel-Rain! Maybe your curiosity wil get the better of you, at some point :)

  14. You beat me to it, Freda, yet again! Thanks. Yep, for a 49-page book, there's a lot of curious stuff going on. That's Pullman for ya! :)

  15. LOL on not climbing out the window.

    Thanks for sharing.

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