And it's a wrap for April for #ReadNobels #TTWIBRAT! Tell me, where in the world did your Nobel take you?

I'm wrapping up the month for the Read the Nobels 2016 Reading Challenge a little later than expected. It's been a really busy - and exciting - month for the 2016 challenge and the perpetual challenge as well!

Where in the world will your Nobel take you?

For April, Read the Nobels tied up with Travel the World in Books, another perpetual reading challenge to bring you: Where in the World will your Nobel Take You? All this month, we had a new contingent of Nobel readers. Special shout out to the following for joining in this month's fun! It's been a blast hanging out with you all this month!

Link ups to sign-ups, answers to weekly questions, and all reviews are all in one place - read all the month's weekly posts HERE.

Participants, I will leave the linkies open indefinitely so that you have ample time to link up discussion posts and your reviews, when you are done with them.

Did April go by too fast for your liking? Not to worry! You can join the 2016 challenge or even the perpetual challenge.

Now, aside from all the posts from the monthly challenge we have a few more:

Posts this month

Read the Nobels 2016

Yay for a great April of reading and discussing those Nobels!

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